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Why Choose T&T CALGroup Consulting?

Governance, Risk, Compliance, Cybersecurity and Intervention Tools to mitigate risk, gain visibility into existing and future threats.

Governance - Risks - Compliance

The power of governance creates accountability needed to empower managers to overcome risks, develop compliance skills, and best ethical practices. Our team of experts can foster change in unethical behavioral issues that threatens growth in organizations.


01. Business Ethics & Reform

  • White-Color Crime Prevention

  • Privacy at The Workplace

  • Ethics & Policies

02. Governance & Accountability 

  • Risk Prevention & Mitigation

  • Shared Responsibilities 

  • Production-Chain Management

  • Supply-Chain Management

03. Coaching & Empowerment

  • Youth Training Programs

  • Senior Employee Retraining Programs

  • Equal Opportunities Training Program

  • Women in Tech 

  • Police Reform Training Programs

04. Management Training Project

  • Inter-departmental Networking

  • Cloud Interactive Platform

  • Virtual Communications Training

  • Cyber-Security Training

05. Staffing & Human Resources

  • Bus & Shuttle Transit Systems Management

  • Prison Food Management System

  • Waste Management Systems

  • Strategic Management 

06. Specialists Staffing & Hiring

  • Facilitators

  • Instructors

  • Public & Private Sector

  • Fed., State, & Local Govt  - Ministries, Departments, and Agencies

  • Experts from NGOs and Private Investigators

Cyber Security Interventions


05. Employee Training Programs

Creating a workplace of inclusiveness and a sense of belonging through employee empowerment systems has increased performance output up to 60% compared to when employees felt they are strangers who are there just to earn a living. Our training programs encouraged employees to be more loyal to organizational set goals.  

06. Compliance & Regulatory Matters

Non-compliance, especially to Federal and State rules and regulations can impede and to some extent threaten the existence of an organization. We train employees including upper management to abide by Federal and State Statutes governing regulatory matters, such as pollution, corporate social responsibility, and job creation.

Renewable Energy Projects Funding

Golf Car 1.jpg
Solar panels.jpg

07. Business Intelligence

Improving decision-making by using performance matrix to analyze and extract insights in real-time business intelligence outcomes. We help decision-makers arrive timely at informed business decisions and deliver actionable information using our real-time technology-driven data analysis process.

08. Startup & Established Companies 

Most start up and some established companies has not yet transitioned from the conventional methods to current trends and find competitors having advantageous edge in a market that used to be dominated by them. We review current operational procedures and any slackness identifiable in catching up with marketing trends and make recommendations to decision-makers.

Cloud Marketing & BI

Market Analysis 1.jpg

09. Sales & marketing Enablement

We use business analytics technology to assess strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats and trends in your industry and prepare a business intelligence report needed to implement change, improve performance and growth. Marketing and sales teams assessment program and the tools needed to effectively and efficiently execute marketing and sales plans in the field. Strengthen communication and networking between the Marketing and Sales teams through feedbacks from customers and clients.

10. Startup Business Loans 

Through our affiliate programs we provide affordable loan services to clients who cannot meet collateral standards of lenders and financial institutions. We help secure loans for Agricultural, Housing, Start-up businesses, established business, or renovations/remodeling projects in Nigeria and diaspora.

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