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  • Government Officials (Ministers, Commissioners, Director Generals, Executive Secretaries, Local Government Supervisors, Senior and Junior Civil Servants)

  • Corporate Organizations (Chairmen and CEOs, Managing Directors, GMs, Departmental Heads, Senior Officials and Junior Officers)

  • Groups (Cooperatives and others)

  • Individuals

Young Business Woman
  • Staff Training
  • Government Ministries
  • Department & Agencies
  • Corporate Governance
  • Production Governance
  • Product Governance
  • Minority businesses
  • Start ups businesses
  • Conferences & Special Projects
  • Euro-Asian businesses

Dr. Thaddaeus

Thompson, Ph.D.


COVID-19 has generated genuine fears globally, yet we saw it's time to turned fears into vision of global opportunity and explore the skill-set and potential of Africans in diaspora


Benaembele A.

Sr. Marketing Director

The freedom to be competitive offers opportunities to excel. Drive more revenue and give customers freedom to discover, engage, and buy.


Ann Bile, MBA

VP & Legal Affairs

Our legal experts will be at your service all the way to ensure statutes and regulatory matters are in compliance.

Areas of Service:

  • Human Capacity Building

  • Business Ethics & Reform

  • Coaching & Empowerment

  • Executive Training Programs

  • Management Training Programs

  • Employee Training Programs

  • Compliance & Regulatory Matters

  • Business Intelligence

  • Startup & Established Companies 

  • Sales & marketing Enablement

Three Boxes

Leader in Human Capacity Building & Placing Businesses on The Path to Success
Governance, Employees Continuous Training, Executive Management Training, Risk, Compliance, Cybersecurity and Preventions Tools: Mitigate risk, gain visibility into existing and future threats.


Confidentiality is of prime importance to our clients and us. We use all available cybersecurity tools in our arsenals to ensure data security and keep key information provided to us in strict confidence. Our success depends on our commitment to transparency and agile business management processes. This web site offers only basic information about our services. To request information or inquires, contact a consultant.

Our Services:


You have star-quality workforce, but it doesn't translate into revenue. We identify why it's not working, provide proven solutions, create a launching date and evaluate your success.

Potential Problems:

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Workforce Integration

Workshops, training programs, loyalty to company goals, inclusion, equal opportunity and employee development. Are you struggling with special needs employees? Focus on the power of diversity

Industries We Cover

  • Government Agencies

  • Public Sector

  • Agriculture

  • Mortgage Loans & Lending

  • Employees Continuous Training

  • NGOs

  • Entertainment

  • Community & Culture

  • Environmental Restoration

  • Internet Security

  • Website Designing

Affordable Housing & Agriculture Loans

You are pre-qualified to seek the loan that you have been dreaming about for a house or to start an agriculture business. Our guarantors will help you process the necessary documentation required for your loan. We help you secure affordable mortgage loans from our cooperative lending agencies and provide you with a collateral to secure the loan.

Certain requirements may apply.

Want To Start An Agriculture Business?

Want to start an agriculture project or already own a farm and need a loan to maintain or expand your business? Contact us now:


Disaster Recovery

You need disaster recovery if doing everything right is not showing on revenue. Call in the experts, now. Identifying and timely implementation of solutions can prevent a unilateral collapse of an organizations. This can be self-inflicting or due to unexpected external factors. Your business should be thriving by now. If not ........ 

Ethics & The Workplace 

Is your workspace policy based on equality and respect for all. Did you find out why most of your female employees are calling off sick? Have you considered that they might feel uncomfortable and unsafe? A comfortable workplace produces growth and wealth. Are you experiencing cover-ups? Do your employees feel protected?